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Like all iformed search algorithms, it first searches the routes that appear to be most likely to lead towards the goal.

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What is Tailgatechallenge.com?

Join our exclusive community of like minded people on Tailgatechallenge.com.Tailgatechallenge.com is part of the Challenge Vertical in Globalventures.com. Tailgatechallenge.com is built on the crowdsource gamification mix which allows people to create challenges on Tailgatechallenge.com, share Tailgatechallenge.com challenges and crowd source those challenges to be able to gain rewards.

How does it work?

You join, or follow Challenges that appeal to you here at Tailgatechallenge.com and get rewards. Sponsoring a challenge is also available.

Who are using it?

Tailgatechallenge.com community involves people from all walks of life, from passionate people with a message to share, to organizations that are complimentary to the challenges.